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5 Tips to Hydrated Hair

I know everyone feels this in the winter, and some people all year long depending on the area you live! Everyone loves a good tip so below are my top 5 tips to keep your hair feeling healthy and hydrated all year long!

  1. Make sure you're using an appropriate shampoo and conditioner. The bottles will actually say moisture, or you can ask your stylist they're always highly educated in the brands the salon carries.

  2. Leave in Conditioner .. every time you wash your hair you're going to want to use some form of leave in. I like to find a leave in conditioner that also has a heat protector because .. 2-1 double whammy 😍

  3. Do not go outside with wet hair, cold air, hot air, dry air outside is never a good option for your hair. Either wash and let dry over night or blow dry. With this being said try and push out your hair wash day (go 1 extra from what you're used to). Make sure your hair in completely .. yesssss completely dry before you use any kind of iron on your hair and of course heat protector .. but we already did this in step 2 ❤️.

  4. Use an oil after you style, no not coconut oil .. never coconut oil please. Side note, coconut oil actually makes your hair more dry. The molecules in coconut oil are too large to actually absorb into your hair therefor sit on top, so when you use heat it will actually sizzle ... think oil in your frying pan ... and you just deep fried your hair! 🤢 This is one section where I highly reccomend using a professional product. The oil you use in your hair will make a huge difference on your hair health in the long term.

  5. Moisture treatments as needed! l recommend my clients to use some kind of hair treatment every other week or once a week depending how often they wash. With this being said each of my clients receives a deep treatments at every singe colour appointment. So I would recommend asking your stylist to do a deep treatment on you after any kind of colour or chemical service (balayage, highlights, perm). These usually tend to last longer in your hair which means you can probably get away with doing less at home.

  6. I'm going to throw in a 6 just because I think think one is underrated but probably the most important. Brush your hair! More than once a day, this will take your natural oils from your scalp and distribute it through your hair. There is nothing better then your own natural oil hydrating your hair!

I am a strong believer in using professional brand products, they are tested, regulated and your stylist will have extensive knowledge and education on the products they carry. Which will mean you will more then likely not be disappointed in the products you get from them. Also most salons will exchange products you buy from them if they are't working for you (obviously conditions apply). If you're looking for information on products you can hit the shop now button on our home page and you will find the brands I recommend to my own clients. If you have any questions you can always shoot us a DM



@sarahmacdhair @diversionsalon on instagram and Facebook!

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