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Professional Quality Blow Out

Every good style starts with a good blow dry .. I think every hairstylist everywhere learned this in school with the 1000 blow outs we had to do. Unfortunately its not a tip we tent to share. If you're tipping your head upside down and rough drying all over the place, chances are you either won't achieve the style you want or it won't last all day.

I don't even really know where it started that clients would say ugh I hate blow drying my hair .. and a stylist would just respond .. ugh yah. It doesn't have to take you forever and won't if you have the right tools and products!

Here are my top tips of blow outs .. and a little video to help you out!

  1. Start with good products, need volume .. mousse, always a leave in conditioner and a heat protector and depending on your hair texture whatever products you need to tame the tresses.

  2. That little nozzle looking thing that came with your dryer, you're going to want to dig that sucker out. That actually decides the direction that the air flows out of our dryer. We call it a concentrator. You want the air of the dryer to be blowing with the cuticle of your hair .. if you don't know what this means .. down not up. You see when you dry in the opposite direction of the cuticle all of those little split hairs stand straight up ... which makes you look like you have "fly aways"

  3. Grab your brush.. for the sake of this tutorial I don't care what kind of brush you have ... but you aren't getting a good blow out without one. You're going to want to brush out all of the tangles before you start drying!

  4. You know those little plastic clips we use .. you'll want those too! You see when you section out your hair its much easier and faster to dry. Start by sectioning out the bottom. Use a 2-3 inch section. Move upwards on the head.

  5. Take your brush and your dryer with the little nozzle and your dryer is going to follow your brush down the hair. Think of it like a truck and trailer .. the brush does not leave without the dryer. Completely dry each section before you move to the next using this method. The dryer follows the truck down each section of hair.

  6. Once your hair is completely dry grab some oil, my favourite is the #Olaplex No. 7 and starting at the ends pull the oil throughout your hair. Now you have a smooth base to start your styling!

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