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Post Lockdown Hair Appointment

I know some of the world is still sitting in a lockdown and can't get to the salon, but there are things you can do while you wait for your stylist to give you the word that they are ready to re-book you!

First of all lets start with something that's not necessarily hair related. Make sure if your salon or hairstylist has online booking you haven't unsubscribed from their email list. This is usually where a stylist will share all the information they need to give you on how and when you can book an appointment. I know you don't want to miss out on being one of the very first clients back in the salon! If they don't have online booking or an email list check their social media pages, most if not all salons and stylist are on some form of social media now. To keep it easy and seamless for them and you they will want to share the most up to date information on how you can reserve your spot when they open!

Your stylist won't necessarily tell you this but, please keep up some kind of hair routine at home. I don't mean you have to get up and wash and style your hair everyday. Stay on somewhat of the same routine you were on before you were working from home. A knot on the top of your head for 4 weeks does not lead to the healthiest of hair coming back to the salon! YESSS your elastic will cause breakage!

Want to make a major change when you come back in?? Make sure you give your stylist some kind of heads up. More then likely they'll be busting at the seams with people trying to get in so if they can allot the appropriate amount of time for each guest it will keep time running smoothly throughout the day! Prepping your hair with treatments is also essential if you're looking for a big change. Likely your stylist will still do a treatment during your service (no colour clients leaves my chair without a treatment) but having healthy hair when you come in is a huge help to us!

And last but not least .. the idea of "the dirtier the better" before your colour is an old school term. Colour has come a long way and isn't as harsh as it used to be. I'm not saying you have to wash and style your hair before you come in but, you wouldn't do to the dentist if you hadn't brushed your teeth in 2 weeks! 😂

If you aren't sure of the re-opening process and your stylist hasn't sent emails or posted on social media, reach out to them! Trust me when I say they want the process to be as seamless as Possible! No one likes disappointing surprises!




You can find more of me @sarahmacdhair or @diversionsalon on Instagram and Facebook.

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