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Welcome to Diversion Salon by Sarah Macdougall

New Year new beginnings!

Welcome to my very brand new blog!

With the new year and all the new changes that have come about in 2020 I thought it was time to bring some of my knowledge online. So first I'll introduce myself!

Hey I'm Sarah, I'm the owner of Diversion Salon and master hairstylist since 2007. Seems surreal to actually type that out. As most hairstylist and business owners, 2020 was a crazy year for me and walking into 2021 in a lockdown wasn't quite what I has anticipated for closing out my 5th year in business. With all things in the world changing I figured it's about time I bring my expertise online! I've never really sat down and thought what seems simple and basic to me really isn't to anyone outside the hair world, that is until now!

Which brings me to this blog, I hope to share with all of you some insides into the hair world. Don't worry I won't get crazy scientific or too technical as some of you know from sitting my chair, I tend to! My intention is to help as many people as I can have the hair of their dreams, and unfortunately this past year had brought to light that sitting in a stylists chair isn't always an option. Salons may close down, maybe you just can't afford to see your stylist every 6 weeks, or don't want to hire a professional to do your wedding hair. All of those things are okay and they don't mean you can't still have amazing hair!

So stay tuned for my tips, ticks, and tutorials .. I promise you will learn something new!

And if you have any suggestions for things that just drive you wild about your hair that you can't quite figure out shoot us a DM @diversionsalon or @sarahmacdhair on Instagram! I'd love to hear what you all want!



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